Frog Hunter Online Slot Rating and reviews

The Frog Hunter slot machine is another one of BetSoft’s endearing games, and it provides players with a novel experience that combines the imagery of classic fruit machines with that of classic children’s stories. The tales of the frog princess served as partial inspiration for the design of this slot machine, which has a screen with 5 reels, 5 active paylines, and symbols such as frogs, crocodiles, and watermelons. You may play it for real money on whatever device you desire, whether it a smartphone or a desktop computer, and there are several different ways to win rewards that can add up to 5,000 credits every round.

In particular, in contrast to the vast majority of slot machines produced by Betsoft, Frog Hunter has the ability to pay rewards in both directions, providing you with two times as many chances to win some cash. This slot machine not only pays out in both directions, but it also comes with several exciting bonuses that are designed to award you with even more prizes. These bonuses include instant cash features, games in which you can double your winnings, and an interactive bonus level that can award up to 20 times the amount of your total bet. You can find out how these elements operate as well as additional information on the prizes that are up for grabs by reading our whole review.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, Frog Hunter

You don’t need to go much farther than the Frog Hunter if you’re searching for a slot machine that’s simple to use. The betting controls on this slot machine are really fundamental, which contributes to the game’s exceptionally user-friendly nature. To begin earning rewards, you will first need to utilize the coin control to choose the size of each coin you will play with and then choose the number of paylines that you wish to activate for the game. Depending on how much money you have available to spend, you may choose to wager anywhere from 0.02 credits to 25 credits on each round.

If you want to see the slot machine’s paylines, all you have to do is move your cursor over any one of the five buttons that are located on each side of the screen, and you will see an outline of each line. You will need to click the “see pays” button in order to see the symbols and prizes associated with the slot machine. Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to gather 10 different symbols; some of these symbols will provide rewards, while others will activate bonus features. All of the rewards are denoted in coins, and they range from a low of three coins for a win with three of a type to a high of a total of one hundred coins for a win with five symbols in a row. However, since this slot game pays in both directions, you will have an uncommon opportunity to win prizes in both directions, as well as a greater hit rate and double the rewards that you would get in a slot game that pays from left to right.

BetSoft provides mobile gamers with a scaled-down version of the game that is almost identical to the slot machine played on a desktop computer, with the exception that the majority of the game’s controls have been moved to a separate menu placed on the top-right of the screen. You may play this slot machine at many of the finest online casinos on any tablet or smartphone that runs the Android operating system, as well as on your iPhone and iPad.

Free Spins and Other Features in Frog Hunter

Frog Hunter by BetSoft is a slot game that, like to the vast majority of online slot games, awards monetary prizes when the player lines up three, four, or five matching symbols in a row on any of the game’s active paylines. However, what makes this specific slot machine stand out from others is that it has peculiar mechanisms that allow you to activate rewards in either the left-to-right or the right-to-left direction. When you play for real money, these game mechanics, when combined with the double-up function and any other additional features, have the potential to be highly beneficial.

You may utilize either the double-up function or the triple feature on the slot machine to boost the reward that you get for any combination of winning symbols. After you have successfully claimed a reward, all that is required of you to access one of the two bonus rounds in which you might risk losing your money is to hit either the “double” or the “triple” button. The double feature gives you the opportunity to choose one of four symbols; however, only two of those symbols will allow you to double your money, and the other two will cause you to lose it. The triple feature, on the other hand, will give you three symbols, of which only one will allow you to triple your prize.

In addition to these additions, the slot game also comes with two additional bonuses, both of which are activated by collecting the appropriate special symbols. You have the opportunity to win an immediate reward that is equal to three times your total stake if you collect a dragonfly adjacent to either the male or female frog. Instead, you should try to collect three, four, or five of the lily pad bonus symbols in order to activate the second-screen bonus feature. Choose lily pads and move across the pond one row at a time to guide the frog to the other side of the pond, but keep an eye out for the greedy crocodile that lurks in the center of the water. He has the potential to derail your progress. You have the potential to win anywhere from two times to twenty times your original wager if you play your cards well. The amount of your potential win is determined on the number of symbols that first started the bonus round.